Environmental Damage - Global warming, ocean acidification and human impact are having a devastating effect on the planets' coral reef systems.
Photo credit: Richard Whitcombe/Shutterstock

The WESTPAC Working Group is another operational mechanism, complementary to WESTPAC programmes/projects, for attracting leading scientists in the region to deliberate on specifically focused scientific topics, marine-related societal concerns and other international emerging issues which largely require marine scientific input. The groups are expected to hold up to one meeting per year over their lifetime to fulfill their terms of reference and develop a publication for the primary scientific literature, write a project proposal together with a detailed implementation plan, or construct a concrete action plan to be carried out within the framework of WESTPAC. For those interested in establishing a WESTPAC Working Group, please refer to the Guidelines for the Establishment of WESTPAC Working Groups (Recommendation SC- WESTPAC-VIII.3: WESTPAC Working Groups).

  1. WG 006: Working Group on Energy and Materials Exchange between Land and Open Ocean (2017-2019)
  2. WG 005: Working Group on Ocean Oxygen Network (WESTPAC O2NE, 2017-2019)
  3. WG 004: Working Group on Marine Renewable Energy Technology Development (2012-2017)
  4. WG 003: Working Group on Mapping the Harmful Jellyfishes (2012-2017)
  5. WG 002: Working Group on World Ocean Assessment (2010-2015)
  6. WG 001: Working Group on Asian Dust and its Impact on Ocean Ecosystem (2010-2015)